o/t: Film Preservation Blogathon anchors at Wonders in the Dark

Lots of links to great reviews of science fiction movies, both classic and obscure. And they’re all in a good cause!

Wonders in the Dark


by Sam Juliano

For the first time ever, the much admired and successful Film Preservation Blogathon -the brainchild of Ferdy-on-Film’s Marilyn Ferdinand- has set up camp here at Wonders in the Dark, a few months after this astounding honor was set in place after a series of e mail exchanges with my dear friend from the Windy City, Ms. Ferdinand.  Our site replaces the previous third position occupied by the venerated Farren Smith Nehme, “the Self-Styled Siren,” a New York Post film critic, who has written numerous essays for Criterion’s DVD booklets, and has delighted the film community with her lovely personality and incomparable erudition.  Those are shoes impossible to fill, but the very idea that we at this six-year-old cinematic outpost have been selected to serve as host for the final day provides us with one of the greatest honors we’ve ever been graced with.  The previous four days…

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2 thoughts on “o/t: Film Preservation Blogathon anchors at Wonders in the Dark

  1. That’s certainly more than sporting of you to share my post John! Very much appreciated my friend! Your support for the Film Preservation Blogathon in general is applauded!

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