o/t: RIP Ruth Rendell

This is way beyond my usual ambit, but I was much saddened to learn today of the death of Ruth Rendell. Even though it’s acknowledged far less often than it should be (except by its greatest practitioners), she more or less invented the modern school of UK noir. There’s a fine obituary here; she was not just a great writer but a great human being.


8 thoughts on “o/t: RIP Ruth Rendell

  1. It is very sad to lose her, John. I mostly only read the Wexfords. I will be filling in the holes in that series and expanding to her other writings.

    • Thanks for dropping in, Tracy. Oddly enough, I’m not so fond of the Wexfords as I am of some of her other work. It was really after she’d launched the Barbara Vine name that, I think, she really got into her stride — under both names.

  2. I ought to read her, and not just because she’s passed. I read her once as a teenager and was probably too young to “get” her. There’s a few books lurking in the tubs. Time to forage.

  3. Good luck in the tub-hunt! As I’ve just been saying to Tracy, for my part the Wexfords are the least of it: it’s the psychological thrillers, whether as Vine or Rendell, that really impress me.

  4. I remember thinking A Dark-Adapted Eye and A Fatal Inversion, two of her Barbara Vine books, were excellent – I’ve read quite a few others over the years, but those are the titles that especially stick in my mind. Thanks for the link to the Guardian obituary.

    • Thanks for popping in, Judy.

      She had her ups and downs, as you imply, but I don’t think she ever wrote an outright bad book — not that I’ve read, anyway.

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