o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Another great roundup from Todd Mason’s Sweet Freedom site. Click anywhere on the list below to go to Todd’s page, where there are individual links to the articles.

Anne Billson: The Fate of Lee Khan; Top 10 King Arthur Movies
Bill Crider: Falling Down; underrated horror films poll; The Legend of Caleb York
Brian Arnold: The Incredible Hulk (tv) outtakes
BV Lawson: Media Murder
Comedy Film Nerds: Dean Haglund
Dan Stumpf: Big Deal on Madonna Street
David Vineyard: Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star
Ed Lynskey: Chicago Syndicate
Elizabeth Foxwell: The Hitch-Hiker; Selected Shorts: “Expect the Unexpected” (Yolen, Thurber and Bradbury stories)
Evan Lewis: The Roy Rogers Show: pilot(s?)
George Kelley: Steve McQueen Collection
How Did This Get Made?: Double Team
Iba Dawson: Return of the Dream Machine; Rififi
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Reluctant Dragon
Jack Seabrook: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: “The Second Verdict”
Jackie Kashian: Brian Upton on gaming
Jacqueline T. Lynch: Babes on Swing Street; Bowery to Broadway
Jake Hinkson: Wicked Woman
James Reasoner: Pepper Dennis
Jeff Flugel: 1963
Jerry House: Jungle Siren; Neil Gaiman on buttons
John Grant: Missing Girls; Seven Sinners
Ken Levine: Sing What Happens
Kliph Nesteroff: Billy Gray’s Band Box
Laura: Queen Christina; That Hagen Girl
Lucy Brown: From This Day Forward
Martin Edwards: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Marty McKee: The Bold Ones: The New Doctors: “In Dreams They Run”
Michael Daye: 9 disturbing early films (courtesy Bill Crider)
Michael Shonk: Mrs. Columbo aka Kate Loves a Mystery
Mike Tooney: The Twilight Zone: “Once Upon a Time”
Mystery Dave: Sabotage
Patrick Murtha: Texas Killing Fields; Ann-Margret
Patti Abbott: Safe
Prashant Trikkanad: Sandokan
Randy Johnson: One After the Other (aka Uno doppo l’altro); Sales Pitch (by Philip K. Dick)
Rick: Robert Bloch: Thriller: “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper”; Star Trek: “Wolf in the Fold”; Dracula’s Daughter
Rod Lott: The Alphabet Murders
Sean McLachlan: Edison Company sf and fantasy films (courtesy Bill Crider)
Sergio Angelini: Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
Stacia Jones: 24 jours (aka 24 Days)
Stephen Bowie: Kojak: “Cop in a Cage”
Steve Lewis: Fallguy; The Racketeer
Walker Martin: Windy City Pulp Convention


2 thoughts on “o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

  1. Over the moon to see a review of an episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller here, though ‘Yours Truly Jack the Ripper’ is problematic, and hardly one of the classic shows. I have done a series on that show myself at my site. But I will absolutely check that out momentarily. I do like both the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Hour episodes presented here, and will similarly read through the reviews. Nice!!!

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