o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Click anywhere on the list to reach Todd’s Sweet Freedom site and the individual links.

Anne Billson: Guilty Pleasures?
Bill Crider: Cellular [trailer] (Vince Keenan on Cellular)
BV Lawson: Media Murder
Comedy Film Nerds: Chris Gore
Ed Lynskey: The Boogie Man Will Get You
Elizabeth Foxwell: Murder is News; Stan Freberg
Evan Lewis: Satan Met a Lady
Gerge Kelley: Batman vs. Robin
How Did This Get Made?: Tango & Cash
Iba Dawson: Respire (aka Breathe)
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Bulldog Drummond on US radio and in film
Jack Seabrook: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: “Starring the Defense” (by Henry Slesar)
Jackie Kashian: M. Dickson
Jacqueline T. Lynch: The Helen Morgan Story
Jake Hinkson: Helen Holmes and early action heroines
James Reasoner: The Dovekeepers
Jerry Entract: The Drum
Jerry House: Dark Fantasy: “The Sea Phantom”
John Grant: Plump FIction; Q Planes
Jonathan Lewis: Four Flies on Grey Velvet (aka…); Iron Man (1951 film)
Juri Nummelin: Fear Over the City (aka…)
Kate Laity: It Came from Schenectady…
Kliph Nesteroff: Interview with Dick Cavett
Laura: Jeopardy (1953 film); Witness to Murder
Lucy Brown: An Inspector Calls
Martin Edwards: Arthur and George
Marty McKee: Scorpion (1986 film)
Mystery Dave: Poultrygeist
Patrick Murtha: Cambio de suerte (aka Lucky Bastards–literally “Change of luck”)
Patti Abbott: Cleo from Five to Seven
Randy Johnson: Three Men from Texas; Stop the Slayings (aka….)
Rick: Joe 90; Jean Renoir
Rod Lott: The Naked Witch
Ron Scheer: The Sons of Katie Elder
Sergio Angelini: Slayground
Stacia Jones: That Guy Dick Miller
Stephen Bowie: Mannix
Steve Lewis: The Skull (by Robert Bloch)
Vince Keenan: Charles Brackett


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