o/t: fiction read during March

Here are the non-work books I read during March, complete with links to my usually pretty scrappy notes on Goodreads:

The Forbidden Garden (1962) by Ursula Curtiss

Death of the Demon (trans 2013) by Anne Holt

The 7th Woman (trans 2014) by Frédérique Molay

King’s Ransom (1959) by Ed McBain

The Pledge (trans 1958) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Death Rites (trans 2008) by Alicia Giménez Bartlett

Something in the Shadows (1961) by Vin Packer

Miami Purity (1995) by Vicki Hendricks

Intimate Kill (1985) by Margaret Yorke

Spring Fire (1952) by Vin Packer

The Murder Farm (trans 2006) by Andrea Maria Schenkel

A Double Death on the Black Isle (2011) by A.D. Scott

Dover Goes to Pott (1968) by Joyce Porter

Vixen (2003) by Ken Bruen

Yet again, I haven’t really strayed very far outside my comfort zone this month. Hopefully stress levels will ease off a bit soon so I can start to be a bit more adventurous in my choice of leisure reading.


15 thoughts on “o/t: fiction read during March

  1. 4 more than me – a few in common – Hendricks, Schenkel and Bruen read, McBain, Scott and Durrenmatt waiting. Still heavily loaded towards the females of the species!

    • Still heavily loaded towards the females of the species!

      Yep: an 11/3 division this month. Having decided to spend January and maybe February focusing on female writers, because so ashamed of the gender imbalance in my reading in 2014, I’m finding it hard to get out of the new habit!

  2. Quite a variety of writers within your chosen subject, as you put it. I love the Durrenmatt novels – although the Swiss literary elite of course pooh-poohed them as potboilers at the time. I’ve heard good things about Ken Bruen, but have never read him. And I’m torn about the Schenkel.

  3. The Schenkel is very short, so if you don’t like it you haven’t wasted very much time — the rate you read, hardly as long as a coffee break, I’d guess!

    I much want to read some more Durrenmatt, because I did like The Pledge.

    • Thanks, Sarah! Some of them are fairly short and the total has been boosted a bit by the fact that I’ve had a horrible fluish cold this past week or so, so have been spending some time in bed moaning piteously, begging pathetically for restorative toddies and, when these have been callously refused, reading.

      • Oh, the ONLY response to an illness is to bury oneself in a book until the lergy has gone! Hope you’re feeling a LOT better now – there really have been some stinkers going the rounds, recently…

  4. How do you do it? It boggles my mind just to think of the possibility, let alone to pull it off. But certainly a gloriously diverse lot here! Spectacular achievement, though you do it every month! 🙂

    • Not so astonishing, Sam, in that, as noted above, some of the books were fairly short and, the past ten days or so, I’ve been having to take a fair amount of bed rest — plentiful reading time, in other words!

  5. Some great reviews there chum – I’m not on ‘good reads’ and am hesitant about signing up to anything else right now but agree completely about KILLER’S WEDGE and THE PLEDGE – Never read Vin Packer …

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