o/t: The Pre-Code Blogathon: Post Dates

There’s a major Pre-Code blogathon coming up at  the end of this month, and I’m honored to be contributing a couple of the posts — on Red-Haired Alibi and Passport to Hell (both from 1932). The roster of contributions — only a small part of which is visible below (click link for the full monty) — is assuredly impressive: this is going to be a significant event.


For all of those pre-Code lovers who are participating in our Pre-Code Blogathon, March 31-April 3, 2015, the following are the dates of the various posts.

If you need to change your date, just leave a comment below! And if you’re interested in participating but you haven’t signed up yet, there’s always room for more! Just leave a comment or email gypsynoir@aol.com. Remember what Mae West said: “It ain’t no sin!”

Flapper Flickers and Silent StanzasAline MacMahon3/31/2015
NoirishRed-Haired Alibi3/31/2015
Mildred’s FatburgersRed-Headed Woman3/31/2015
Shroud of ThoughtsIsland of Lost Souls3/31/2015
WarrenWilliamWarren William3/31/2015
Once Upon a ScreenThe Divorcee3/31/2015
Silent LocationsLady Killer3/31/2015
Public Transportation SnobThe Scarlet Empress and Morocco3/31/2015
Mike’s Take on the MoviesTarzan and Tarzan the Ape Man3/31/2015
Joanie1977No Man of Her Own3/31/2015
This Girl FridayTaxi3/31/2015

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