o/t: a starred review in SLJ

I really don’t want this site to get clogged up with o/t posts about my other books, but it’s a busy few weeks for me at the moment, in that a couple of books are coming out in quick succession. So please bear with me . . .

The YA book of mine on critical thinking that’s  being published in a few days’ time, Debunk It, has received a starred review in School Library Journal. I’m over the moon about this, obviously; my publishers are even farther over the moon — somewhere in the Oort cloud, at a guess.

Here’s the review extract the publishers have put on their website:

This enlightening new title not only successfully debunks myths and commonly held beliefs—it’s an essential primer for encouraging critical thinking skills. …Teen readers will appreciate Grant’s brutal honesty and snarky tone, as well as his liberal use of the term bullshit (to describe distorted or fabricated info). However, he never stoops to merely mocking those he believes to be spreading erroneous information, instead using logic and evidence to dismantle poor arguments piece by piece. Grant’s enthusiasm for his subject is infectious, and students and educators alike will appreciate both his style and substance. …This can’t-miss title is great recreational reading for budding skeptics as well as an outstanding addition to units on science, current events, or debate. A must-have.

For once, the full review is actually better than the extract; of course, I can’t quote the review in its entirety. But, you know, I’d happily take even the extract . . .

5 thoughts on “o/t: a starred review in SLJ

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  2. That is wonderful. I am thrilled for you and you have every reason to be proud and happy. A starred review at School Library Journal! I used to read through those when I worked for publisher.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tracy. I was delighted by the review and the star. I too used to work for publishers and recognized SLJ as an important authority on new books.

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