o/t: RIP Lizabeth Scott

I’ve just now heard the sorry news that Lizabeth Scott, one of the best of the film noir actresses and one of the genre’s greatest femmes fatales, has died at the age of 92.

This makes me sadder than you can imagine. I wanted her to live well forever, as the best revenge.

7 thoughts on “o/t: RIP Lizabeth Scott

    • Her going has upset me in so many ways, primarily that we could have had so many wonderful movies from her had her career not been cut short by the machinations of second-rate scumbags and the industry people, just as second-rate, who paid attention to them. Grr!

  1. A sad day for film noir fans. I was watching The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (for the 4th or 5th time) only on Thursday, and thinking how Scott almost stole the film from Stanwyck, retaining sympathy for her character even after having Van Heflin beaten up. Dead Reckoning, Pitfall, Too Late for Tears, Dark City, I Walk Alone, and several others in a short career. I’m going to watch all those again in my WaldOdeon (a mini-projector reflecting on a 60″ strip of bedsheet) and I’m going to catch up with those I haven’t seen: Bad for Each Other, Desert Fury, Red Mountain and The Company She Keeps (if I can find a complete version). A sad day, but film stars of her calibre never die.

    • Thanks for dropping by. I envy you the WaldOdeon!

      It crossed my mind to have a sort of Lizabethathon like the one you envisage, but I’m desperately trying to finish the current (slightly over-deadline) book and after that I’ve got to hit the ground running on other things. However. I realized on reading one of the obits that I’ve never seen the movie Pulp (1972), which features Scott, so I thought I might try to squeeze that in this coming week for an entry here.

  2. Yes I was very saddened to hear this lamentable news, but only just now got over here to acknowledge your passionate tribute. Yes that would have been the best deceit of all if she could have lived forever. One of the very last of the iconic femme fatales, who I loved in MARTHA IVERS, DEAD RECKONING and others. We have her films to cherish for the rest of our own days. She did have a long run for sure.

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