o/t: all clear(ish)

The storm veered away at the last minute, so we’ve had just a few centimetres of snow rather than the promised up-to-a-metre

(I see the mayor of NYC is under attack for “overreacting” to the threat. People can be so stupid. Imagine if he’d done nothing to prepare and they’d had the predicted three feet . . .)

And, while I’m still feeling vile today, I’m a good deal better than I was. So we’re assuming this isn’t the flu — phew.

Normal service resumes (d.v.) tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “o/t: all clear(ish)

    • It looks like it’s not the flu — I’m feeling much better than I was even this morning. Trouble is, now my wife’s got it. But at least we’re reassured that it doesn’t last too long.

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