o/t: In My Hot Little Hands

Tell No Lies

My new story collection, Tell No Lies, has just been published by Alchemy Press, and my author copies have arrived. The book looks surprisingly handsome, despite the cover pic.

The stories in it are:

  • All the Little Gods We Are
  • Q
  • Baited Breath
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Kristie?
  • Only One Ghost
  • Two-Stroke Toilets
  • Memoryville Blues
  • Commander Ginfalcio Beeswax and the Menace from Deneb
  • Lives
  • Ghost Story
  • His Artist Wife
  • Benjy’s Birthday

The book can be bought from Amazon here (US) and here (UK). For review queries, try Alchemy Press.

Yes, I know: in the photo above it looks as if my shirt-sleeve has caught fire. We were going for the hellish festive look, so I stood in front of the yuletide tree. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

15 thoughts on “o/t: In My Hot Little Hands

    • Thanks, Jacqui! Yes, it is pretty exciting — it’s been a full decade since my last collection was published, so I felt it was about damn’ time for a new one. Of course, precisely because of that decade-long gap it was a bit difficult deciding what to put into the book . . . or, more to the point, what to leave out!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got here late to the party, but be rest assured I’ll be picking this up and diving in!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a tremendous post to come upon!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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