o/t: these books wot I read

Everyone seems to be reeling out their end-of-year Best lists at the moment. I have difficulty thinking that way: as soon as I decide Something is my favorite movie of the year I suddenly realize that Otherthing was pretty good too, maybe even better than Something — and, hey, wait a minute, what about Yetanotherthing? And then there’s . . . Another worry is that we’ve reached just the 1st of December. Is it not possible that something better than all of them will come along during the remaining 1/12th of the year?

So Noirish isn’t going to produce a Best of Year list. But, in a foolish, idle moment, I thought it might be of interest to offer a list of those books that I’ve read in my leisure time this year that I’ve particularly enjoyed; they may not all be the best that I’ve read during the year, but they all floated my boat at the time. Here they are, not ranked (although the first on the list is likely the book I’d rate highest) but in the reverse order in which I read them — most recent first. If others come along between now and December 31, I’ll add them. It’ll be noticed that in a couple of instances I was so impressed by my first encounter with an author that I broke my usual habit and read more of their books soon after.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
Dicker, Joël

Miss Pym Disposes
Tey, Josephine

A Skeptic’s Handbook of Parapsychology
Kurtz, Paul

Killer’s Choice
McBain, Ed

The Twenty-Year Death
Winter, Ariel S.

Riding the Serpent’s Back
Brooke, Keith

Alvtegen, Karin

Alvtegen, Karin

DeSmedt, Bill

Alvtegen, Karin

Canone Inverso
Maurensig, Paolo

The Luneburg Variation
Maurensig, Paolo

Don’t Look Back
Fossum, Karin

Lemaitre, Pierre

A Criminal Appeal
Schanker, D.R.

The Healer
Tuomainen, Antti

The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy
Vine, Barbara

Swing: A Mystery
Holmes, Rupert

The Likeness
French, Tana