o/t: The Return of Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

After a few weeks’ hiatus, this extraordinarily useful weekly roundup of great cinema writing from around the intertubes is back! For the links to the various items, click here.


Yvette Banek: Hold That Ghost!; Anatomy of a Murder; Manhattan Murder Mystery

Steve Lewis: A Dangerous Profession; A Yank in Libya

Stephen Gallagher: “Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination”

Stephen Bowie: Bad TV criticism in the NYT and Shonda Rhimes; Jerry McNeely; Stanley Chase

Stacia Jones: Stonehearst Asylum; The Lusty Men; Force Majeure

Sergio Angelini: The Return of the Thin Man;  The Dragon Murder Case; Lone Starand Elizabeth Peña;  The Empty Beach; Partners in Crime

Ron Scheer: Mystery Road; Wanted: Dead or Alive; Gunsmoke (radio); The Legend of the Reno Brothers

Rick: House of Dark Shadows; The Mummy (1959 film); The Atomic City; Smoke Signal; 1950s: Cinema’s Most Important Decade

Randy Johnson: The Amazing Transparent Man;  Kill or Be Killed, aka Uccidi o muori; Arizona Colt Returns, aka Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutti!;  Arizona Colt;  Two Pistols and a Coward, aka Il pistolero segnato da Dio;  Made for Each Other;  The Relentless Four, aka I 4 inesorabil

Prashant Trikannad: Morgan Freeman; Diwali; The Claim (2000 film); The Quick and the Dead

Patti Abbott: Clean and Sober; movies you’ve been meaning to see; The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; A Member of the Wedding; In the Mood for Love

Mystery Dave: Dracula Untold

Marty McKee: My Blood Runs Cold; The Beasts Are on the Streets

Martin Edwards: The Missing (BBC-TV); The Intruders (BBC-TV); Woman of Straw

Lucy Brown: The Lady Vanishes (1938 film); Swing Time

Laura: Boy Meets Girl; Outlaw Gold; Return of the Gunfighter; Rustlers; The Saint’s Double Trouble

Kliph Nesteroff: Mason Williams on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour days

Jose Cruz: Dark Fantasy (radio): four episodes

Jonathan Lewis: Waterfront; Drum Beat

John Grant: Down Three Dark Streets; Den Som Frykter Ulven, aka Cry in the Woods

Jerry House: The Stranger (1946 film); The Eddie Arnold Show (radio)

James Reasoner: Don’t Open the Door!; Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Jake Hinkson: The Shootist; Gun Street

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Quincy, M.E.: “Murder on Ice”

Jackie Kashian: Debra DiGiovanni

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Hollywood Time Machine; Betrayed (1944 film); Glorifying the American Girl; Dixiana

Iba Dawson: Maps to the Stars; friends and family pick scary films; Life of Riley (2014 film)

George Kelley: Universal Classic Monsters (dvd box set)

Evan Lewis: Tricky Dicks

Elizabeth Foxwell: Shadows on the Stairs

Ed Lynskey: Blood on the Moon

Ed Gorman: Act of Violence

David Vineyard: The Ghost Breakers

Dan Stumpf: Outlaw

B. V. Lawson: Media Murder

Brian Arnold: The Haunted Castle (1896 film); “If a Body Meets a Body”; BJ and the Bear: “BJ and the Witch”

Bill Crider: Family Business [trailer]

Anne Billson: My top ten zombie moves; female buddy-cop movies: Rare Birds

5 thoughts on “o/t: The Return of Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

    • Thanks for dropping by, Todd! Um, I alas wasn’t at Noircon — the first I heard of it was on Sunday morning, when a report came in from Out of the Gutter‘s correspondent there. I spat and cursed, because if I’d had even a few days’ warning I’d have been there — we’re only a couple of hours’ drive away.

      What surprises me most of all is that my publisher didn’t tell me about it — you’d have thought that’d be something they’d be all over.

      • Weirder still, I thought I saw “John Grant” as moderator of a likely panel on the online version of the agenda…though I suppose there could be more than one John Grant in the criminous literary/narrative art world…or my exhaustion and mild cold, which kept me away, was playing tricks on my perception…

        • I’ve just checked out their site, and you’re absolutely right. On the “tentative list of presenters”, too, there’s the name John Grant listed, but unusually for that list it has no website link attached . . . so I can’t tell if it’s a different John Grant (by no means impossible!) or if there was some dreadful communications foulup.

          I think this is the cue for a Cornell Woolrich story . . .

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