o/t: and, counting down for one last time . . .

The Wonders in the Dark Romantic Countdown will finish on Monday, with the announcement of — and essay about — the movie voted as the #1 romantic movie of all time by the expert writers at WitD. For the last time, then, here’s my weekly collection of links to the essays published in the series over the past few days:

6. In The Mood For Love (2000)
5. Sunrise (1927)
4. Vertigo (1958)
3. City Lights (1931)
2. Brief Encounter (1945)


5 thoughts on “o/t: and, counting down for one last time . . .

  1. We’re getting to the big hitters now! We starting chatting about 2046 under a previous thread – did you get around to watching In the Mood for Love and 2046 in the end?

  2. As a committed cineaste, film graduate and old fart film buff, the five film list contains one from my all time top ten, a second from my top hundred, a guilty pleasure (joyous crap!), one I haven’t seen, and one from my top ten most overrated. In order, they are – Sunrise, City Lights, Brief Encounter, In the Mood for Love and Vertigo. (Not fit to lace Citizen Kane’s sleding boots).

    • Ha! I wouldn’t tell the folks over at WitD about Vertigo being overrated! There’s a huge fan club for the movie there. Me, I’m a bit of a fence-sitter about it. Certainly it’s a movie with lots of flaws, like the often garish colour values and the clumsiness of the sequence where she chucks herself into the water. When I’m in the right mood, even though I see those flaws while watching Vertigo I’m sufficiently pulled in that I don’t care about them; on other occasions, though, it has just seemed like a flawed movie.

      Not fit to lace Citizen Kane’s sledging boots

      I’d agree about that. There are others I’d rate far higher than Vertigo. On another site there’s been much chat recently about The Fisher King, which I realized while reading sort of sneaked quietly into my own Top Ten.

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