o/t: if today begins with a “T” and it’s not Thursday, this must be time for . . .

. . . Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V — another episode of the exceptionally useful weekly roundup of links to goodies from around the intertubes. For the links themselves you’ll have to go here; the list of articles and posts he links to is:

Anne Billson: La ragazza che sapeva troppo (aka The Girl Who Knew Too Much)

Bill Crider: Hardcore [trailer]

Brian Arnold: back to school: “Charlie Brown and the Spelling Bee”

BV Lawson: Media Murder; Murder and Mayhem Milwaukee

Dan Stumpf: Two Days in the Valley

Ed Lynskey: The Turning Point (1952 film)

Elizabeth Foxwell: Man in the Vault; “Exile Noir” at UCLA

Evan Lewis: Disney Family Album: Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen

George Kelley: Babette’s Feast

How Did This Get Made?: Stayin’ Alive

Iba Dawson: The Best Man Holiday

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Parachute Jumper; Ex-Lady

Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “The Opportunity”

Jackie Kashian: Nic Dressel on multimedia fantasy franchises

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Ann Blyth, Hollywood Teenager

Jake Hinkson: Bogart and Bacall 1: To Have and Have Not

James Reasoner: Need for Speed

Jerry House: Vaudeville Acts 1898 to 1910

John Charles: Vengeance (aka Joko invoca Dio… e muori aka Joko’s Vengeance)

John Grant: The Ringer (1952 film); The Scarlet Web

Jonathan Lewis: The Tall Target; West of Shanghai; Confessions of a Nazi Spy

Kate Laity: LonCon and ShamroKon

Kelly Robinson: Carmen with Theda Bara

Kliph Nesteroff: Broadside: “Follow the Pigeon”; The Sandy Duncan Show

Laura: Wonder Man; Out of the Past; 10 favored films of the last 25 years

Lucy Brown: The Greatest Show on Earth

Martin Edwards: Crimes of Passion (BBC package of Scandinavian tv); The Tourist (2010 film)

Marty McKee: Five Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer)

Michael Shonk: The Whistler (the television series)

Mystery Dave: Old Yeller

Patti Abbott: Trouble in Paradise

Prashant Trikannad: Everybody Loves Raymond: “The Thought that Counts”

Randy Johnson: She (1935 film); Mallory Must Not Die…(aka Il mio nome e Mallory…’M’ come ‘morte’
–literally, My Name is Mallory…That’s “M” as in “Death”)

Rick: Veronica Carlson, Hammer star; Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

Ron Scheer: 3 Bad Men

Sergio Angelini: The Anderson Tapes

Stacia Jones: The Winning of Barbara Worth

Stephen Bowie: traces of New Wave film in 1960s US television


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