Game (2013)

Canada / 8 minutes / color / Barn Burner Dir & Scr: Josh MacDonald Pr: Angus Swantee Cine: Jeff Wheaton Cast: Andrea Lee Norwood, Pasha Ebrahimi, Glen Matthews, Michael McPhee.

Game (2013) 1 - the weremaid unmasked

Four Deliverance (1972)-style hillbillies armed with chainsaw, ax and belt—called Prior (Ebrahimi), Gabe (Matthews) and Jubal (McPhee)—chase a manacled young woman (Norwood) through the forest, their intent patently obvious. It seems to us, too, patently obvious what’s going to happen: are we in for, perhaps, a short version of I Spit on Your Grave (1978) or even The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)?

Instead, though, the prey proves to be not a chic young thing but a befanged “weremaid”, and the tables are violently—and triumphantly—turned.

Game (2013) 3 - the end is imminent for Jubal

Of noirish interest solely through the occasional borderline noirish trope of the “game” being the hunting of human prey—think of The MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932; vt The Hounds of Zaroff), John Woo’s HARD TARGET (1993) or Wyott Ordung’s WALK THE DARK STREET (1956), for example—this is a beautifully made, really quite exceptional little horror movie. It won the Audience Award for Best Foreign Short at the San Francisco Indiefest.

At the end of the closing credits we’re reassured that

No Hillbillies Were Harmed in the Making of This Film



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