o/t: The Clock (1945)

The Wonders in the Dark Romantic Movies Countdown continues. There was a panic last night when a contributor dropped out at the last moment, and, in a fit of stupidity, I said I’d cover. Finding our dusty copy of the movie (thank you, some forgotten yard sale) took the first hour (well, cooking and eating supper took the very first hour!), and then, of course, there was the job of actually watching it, taking notes, etc. The end result is, alas, a visibly rushed job; but, for what it’s worth, here it is.


Wonders in the Dark

The Clock 1

by John Grant

US / 90 minutes / bw / MGM

Dir: Vincente Minnelli (reportedly helped by Fred Zinnemann)

Pr: Arthur Freed

Scr: Robert Nathan, Joseph Schrank

Story: Paul Gallico, Pauline Gallico

Cine: George Folsey

Cast: Judy Garland, Robert Walker, James Gleason, Keenan Wynn, Marshall Thompson, Lucile Gleason, Ruth Brady, Chester Clute.

Corporal Joe Allen (Walker), an Indiana boy home from the war on furlough with no knowledge of where next in the combat zone he’ll be posted, finds himself in New York’s Grand Central Station with no real clue as to what to do with himself. Just then, pretty office worker Alice Maybery (Garland) trips over his foot, breaking the heel on her shoe. The chance encounter leads them to a trip around the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in due course out on a date—she standing up her regular squeeze Freddy, her romance with whom, we soon understand…

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4 thoughts on “o/t: The Clock (1945)

  1. John, you have come through marvelously with an economical in-the-pinch consideration of this popular Vincente Minelli war romance that showcases Judy Garland in a sensual and physically beautiful manner. There is some serious chemistry between her and Robert Walker (who would have thought he could go in a much darker director as a sinister psychopath in Hitch’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN a few years later?! The film has quite a bit of charm to spare, and as someone above mentioned the location is alluring.

    I do like that St. Patrick’s Cathedral sequence quite a bit too!

    I really must salute you for all you did to make this happen (finding the film was the first hurdle you needed to negotiate) and as it turns out you did a great job!

    • You’re overly kind, Sam. My own opinion is that the piece is at least better than nothing. If you have the same problem again, lemme know: no promises, obviously, but I find such challenges fun to face!

    • Back in the day, of course, you’d’ve had an impeccable 2000-word essay delivered hours before you expected! I do loathe the way that this growing-old shit slows me down so much. Not to mention the damaged hand . . .

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