o/t: two more romantic movies

The great website Wonders in the Dark has posted essays on two more movies in its Romantic Countdown series. Both are movie that I’d made a mental note to avoid: thanks to these essays, though, I’ve swung around completely and will be looking out for them. The essays areby Jon Warner on Once (2006) and by Duane Porter on La vie d’Adele (2013; vt Blue is the Warmest Colour).

I do have a criticism of the latter essay: it lazily omits the release date. This would be irritating at the best of times but at the moment I’m operating with a sprained wrist, so having to go check on  IMDB actually friggin’ hurts. 🙂


2 thoughts on “o/t: two more romantic movies

  1. hahaha I hear ya John!!!! But yes, I would have to say you are in for a major surprise with both of these films!! In fact I’d make a hefty wager on it. ONCE is one of the most spirited films we’ve had in years and BLUE is often dramatically electrifying. As always your showcasing of the countdown is just…fantastic. 🙂

    • A problem that I have with Once is that I really don’t like the Oscar-winning theme song! I know I’m in a small minority here, but for some reason it does nothing for me. In the wake of the WitD essay and the various comments, I went and listened to the song again, and had to stop about halfway through.

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