o/t: Wonders in the Dark romantic movies countdown

A few weeks ago the excellent movie site Wonders in the Dark conducted a poll of its resident experts to come up with a list of the 101 greatest romantic movies of all time. I’ve seen the list, and my only significant quibble is that Richard Curtis’s Love, Actually, which would be #1 on my own list, doesn’t appear on it. A good number of the movies come from within the noir canon, or thereabouts.

Yesterday WitD began posting the essays the site has commissioned on these movies, beginning with #101, Ghost (1990; essay by Sam Juliano). Today the movie is #100, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988; essay by Dean Treadway). The essays are being run daily, Monday thru Friday, until the Grand Finale on Monday October 6.

Despite the fact that a handful of the essays will be by moi, this looks to be an extraordinarily useful resource, and one of abiding value. I’ll try to post daily updates/links here, but really you’d be best off subscribing to WitD‘s email alerts.


2 thoughts on “o/t: Wonders in the Dark romantic movies countdown

  1. What a fabulous spotlight post here John! And the site is honored to have someone of your caliber as an active writer for a number of the reviews! At best we can hope this will indeed be a handy reference. A good number of top rank writers will, no doubt be bringing their A game, and as I say I am thrilled you will be on board! Thanks so much my friend!

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