o/t: not to brag, but . . .

A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: The Definitive Reference Guide (to give it its full, three-pipe title) — the book to which this website is an “annex” — has just received a remarkably favourable review at the Classic Movies website. A couple of extracts:

One of the most exciting things about Encyclopedia of Film Noir is that it covers so much ground. It has movies from the silent age to the current day: proto-noir, neo-noir and the classics in between. There’s also an impressive international diversity with picks from countries such as the Philippines, Italy and Egypt, though the USA, France and United Kingdom are most heavily represented. . . .

It’s a blast to read this book. Though it’s easy to skim for particular periods and countries, I found it most rewarding to read in big chunks. Combing through in this way led to some great discoveries. I’ve now got a viewing list that will keep me busy for a long time. A helpful appendix in the back also groups films by actor, author and director.

Reading the introduction is vital to understanding the language and concepts of noir used throughout the encyclopedia. Grant does an excellent job concisely describing important elements like fate, the dangerous femme, double crosses and the quicksand effect. He also explains godgaming, when a “protagonist believes a false version of reality,” which is in essence the key to the unease that characterizes noir.

I can back up that subtitle, this is an essential reference for any fan of noir or crime movies.


2 thoughts on “o/t: not to brag, but . . .

  1. Congratulations are certainly in order John! As a proud owner of this volume I can attest to all the aspects of praise extended here in this glowing appraisal. It’s the most comprehensive book on the subject out there!

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